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  1. Raw potato juice treatment


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“Cancer can be cured: Vitamin B17”

Cancer has been defeated few decades ago, the truth has simply been concealed.
The cure only started to be publicly known when the internet was developed.

If there is cancer in one’s body, it is of utmost importance to intake big amount of B17.
In today world where the chemotherapy industry is worth 70b USD, those who rely on cancer for a living far outnumbers those who die of cancer.

“There are more and more people whose decease have been cured by raw potato juice treatment”

There are more and more people who manage to cure their decease by drinking raw potato juice, it is said that cancer cells can be effectively controlled.

This treatment was first provided by Japanese Zen monk 富澤知芳, and compiled by Khun 孫建永.
Those who can’t bear to drink can add honey or half an apple.
Heavily ill patients have to be guided by the doctor when consuming this.

Every kind soul who comes cross this alternative treatment should publicize this to benefit the world.

“In this year, there are many cancer patients who are undertaking this treatment, and many of them are recovering gradually, some of those who were thought to be hopeless were saved because of this. They phone in to express the sheer joy from their hearts.”

Zen monk 富澤知芳 who advocates this raw potato treatment receives resounding feedbacks from cancer patients all over Japan, thus he decides to publicize this again. Clinical trials examples of raw potato juice treatment.

Raw potato juice treatment not only can cure cancer, it also cures liver decease, diabetes, gastric ulcer, kidney disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, low back pain and shoulder pain etc. And there are more and more patients with all kinds of deceases being cured by this. If you are being tortured by chronic decease, please give this a try.

Monk 富澤知芳 has a famous book “DO of health – cancer is not scary”, in there he said the following, “Despite undertaking cancer surgery, but because of wearying of cancel cell spreading or imperfect eradication, anti cancer agents or chemotherapy are repeatedly applied. But we seldom heard about anyone having their cancer completely cured. Moreover, the side effects of these treatments are significant, causing people to lose appetite, causing bodies to weaken rapidly, on the contrary, potato treatment has no such side effect, and can recuperate body strength, improve immune system, it really is a highly nutritious food. If applying this treatment over the long time, you can possess the magical power of subduing cancer cells.

poses no danger. Anyone can implement this immediately, and actually feels the effect within very short span. Those in pain, after drinking potato juice for 1, 2 weeks, the pain will gradually be relieved, those who are not in pain, once persisting this treatment for a while, the appetite will recover, you will look better, and the body strength will slowly recover.

“Procedure of making raw potato juice”

The amount of potato needed for first preparation, big potato 2, 3 pieces, small potato 3, 4 piece.

1. Wash potato cleanly, remove all sprouting parts
“Note: sprouting potato and green stems contain Solanine, could poison people and cause severe stomach inflammation, must be very caustious when consuming it”

2. Grate into pieces (with skin) with vegetable grater, after grating wrap them in clean woven cloth or cotton hemp cloth with big pores, then squeeze it hard to squeeze out juices. Each time, approximately 180-200ml raw juices can be squeezed out.

3. Drink these juice 30-60minutes before breakfast and dinner on an empty stomach. If possible, drink 1 glass before dinner, everytime drink immediately after preparation, and daily persistence is most important.
Those who have weak body, and cannot drink the whole glass in one go, can split the drinking into multiple times. Those who don’t like to just drink raw potato juice, can mix it with about 30ml of enzyme fruit juice or honey, if mixed with apple juice it will be easier to drink.

“Note: Once raw juice is squeezed out it must be finished immediately. Drink for 2 weeks consecutively, the treatment will show effectiveness. After effectiveness is observed, continue to drink.”

But Monk 富澤warns patients sternly, do not treat raw potato juice as medicine. He says, those who drink raw potato juice but not alter their indulgent lifestyles, can be said to see potato as medicine bottles, when they are ill, they don’t control their lifestyles, they just simply hope that deceases will be cured by medicine. We are all sick for a reason, such as gluttony, liking delicious food, unrestrained staying up late, these are all causes for sickness.
Only when you drastically change your previous lifestyle that raw potato juice can be the panacea.

“Analysis of nutrition content of potato”

Potato is seen as “apple of the earth”, obviously it is a highly nutritious food. It contains very rich Vitamin C and calcium, in Germany since antiquity, drinking juice from crushed potato has been used to cure stomach ulcer and incontinence.

Potato contains rich Vitamin C, Vitamin B, iron, phosphorus and calcium. Once vitamin or minerals are absorbed by the body, the blood in blood veins can flow unobstructed. As such, blood pressure can be maintained on a stable level by consistently drinking raw potato juice.

Potassium in the potato can help the body to discharge sodium, thus benefitial to the recuperation of high blood pressure patients and nephritis patients. Potato also contributes to weight loss, maintenance of stomach, improvement of pancrease, hydration of body, relief of inflammation and detoxification.

Furthermore, raw potato juice is observably effective against hay fever, eczema and constipation. Those with chronic liver decease can recover quickly after drinking raw potato juice, severe constipation can be treated. Drinking raw potato juice can eliminate urine protein. Raw potato juice can improve physical strength. Drinking raw potato juice can get rid of chest pain without the needs of medicine. Moreover, stiff shoulder and sore waist will not happen again.

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